Sunday, March 20, 2011

Aquaponic Gardening - Nitrogen Cycle Explained

Aquaponic Gardening ... one of the "key" factors in a successful aquaponic garden is the Nitrogen Cycle.  Now, I have had fish since I was just a kid ... everything from guppies, to Discus then on to Koi ... and the one thing that is a must when you start up a new tank is to make sure it is "seasoned" before you put in any expensive fish. The same is also true if you are planning to grow food using aquaponics.

I have helped many friends and neighbors begin their new aquaculture hobby, but my technical explanation has always included terms like fish poop, good "cooties" in the filter, balanced water and so forth ...

Better you listen to Gina Cavaliero and get the straight scoop on the "poop"!

This graph, along with Gina's explanation should help all us "newbie" aquaponic people get a grasp on the nitrogen cycle and get us on our way to growing those delish organic veggies!

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