Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Aquaponic Gardening - Let's Learn and Share!

Aquaponic gardening ...   Hosts Tonya Penick and Gina Cavaliero of Green Acre Organics, along with  the visionaries and mentors Susanne Friend and Tim Mann of Friendly Aquaponics in Hawaii  share their personal experiences with  aquaponics. Being held in Brooksville, Florida, over 50 aquaponics enthusiasts from all over the world have gathered to learn and share.

As Susann Friend states " we endorse open source aquaponics, where everyone learns and shares knowledge for the betterment of the aquaponics industry"

People from all walks of life and experience ...  from Venezuela, South Africa, Chile and all over the US, looking to "tweak" an existing aquaponics system or those looking to jump in for the first time ... non-profit groups looking to improve the lives of folks in third world countries ...

This is only the second day ... I can hardly wait for tomorrow!  This is like aquaponic gardening on STEROIDS!

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