Monday, March 28, 2011

Aquaponic Gardening - Cosmo Shares ... a Rock Star is Born!

Aquaponic gardening ... Day 4 of our gathering in Brooksville Florida and Michael Cosmo gets his turn to share just a tiny piece of his vast knowledge on aquaponics.  Most of us could have listened to him for hours, but, alas time was getting short ...

His "theme" was how to economically heat and / or cool your space ... whether that be a home for yourself or your aquaponics.  Living locally, aquaponics in Florida is much different than let's say a colder climate like Virginia, but the aquaponics information that he shared showed how to insulate against the heat as well as protect from the cold ... and how it could be accomplished on a budget ...

After listening to Cosmo, it became clear that successful aquaponic gardening is more than just the blissful union of fish and plants ... it takes planned intervention to make a system produce year round.

Thanks Cosmo ... you ROCK!

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